Partner with the Kindness RevolutionWhat if you could offer something that your clients and customers crave…something only available uniquely through YOUR company in YOUR city?

In spite of Marketing 101, the key to customer engagement is not price, product, or sales performance…it is about an emotional attachment.  At The Kindness Revolution™, we feel that kindness is the catalyst that stimulates a relationship which in turn fosters confidence and trust, thus generating higher quality customer relationships. We believe that when you take good care of people, profit takes care of itself.  Kindness is uniquely human… it is local, it’s personal, and it’s a choice.

If the idea of generating quality business and long term relationships by promoting kind behavior in your community appeals to you, we would like to partner with your business! We have three opportunities for businesses to partner with The Kindness Revolution™!   Each allows for one exclusive partner in a given community.

The first opportunity is our popular Community Champion partnership….We are currently active in over 350 cities with leading companies.  We offer:

  • Social media content
  • Promotional Kindness Revolution™ wristbands to distribute
  • Regular campaign review coaching sessions
  • Weekly radio Public Service Announcements
  • Exclusive use of The Kindness Revolution™ brand

The second opportunity is our Kindness Coalition program:
This is a modification of our Community Champion program, but aimed at the company who would like to lead a group of like-minded companies in their community to share peer support and accountability as well as exchange leads and community exposure among themselves.

The third opportunity is a specific media-focused “Kindness Campaign”, consisting of radio, local event(s), and specific call-to-action advertising.

If you think your business might like to learn how to prospect and market using the power of kindness, we will be glad to schedule a brief, no obligation introductory session to see if there is a fit.

Just drop us a note at and we’ll get back to you soon!