“‘It’s all about promoting kindness when all we hear about is the negative stuff.’”

These are the words of Mr. Don Tolly, a “champion” of the Kindness Revolution, as according to this article written by Ms. Jennifer Hall from the St. Joseph News-Press. We were honored and touched to be featured in this article, and in the spirit of kindness, we wanted to recognize Ms. Hall and the paper for their coverage. If you are interested in reading the complete article please follow the link.

From Insurance Agent To Kindness Champion

Don Tolly is an American Family Insurance agent in St. Joseph, Missouri who sought out joining the Kindness Revolution for personal reasons. Driven by an intimate connection with the issue of bullying in his past, Tolly joined the Kindness Revolution. He was looking for an opportunity to make a difference in his community, a goal he realized with the help of Ed Horrell, founder of The Kindness Revolution.

After joining “the Revolution,” Tolly was immediately inspired by the cause. He quickly sought to do as much as possible through the program, earning him the title “champion.” Over the years, he has garnered a reputation in St. Joseph for his kind actions, guided by the help of the Kindness Revolution. He spends his free time away from being an insurance agent by recognizing his colleagues, local heroes, and schoolchildren with awards for their kindness and giving back. He also delivers talks about in local schools about the importance of spreading kindness and making the world a more positive place.

What does he get out of this? Some may say nothing, while others may claim he gets a warm fuzzy feeling that often comes from giving back to the community. While the latter may be true, Mr. Tolly explains that the world is full of two types of insurance agents. Those who believe in chasing their clients, and those who believe in attracting their clients to them. Tolly himself falls in the latter category and firmly believes there is no better way to attract clients than through a kind, optimistic attitude. It’s an outlook reminiscent of the old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Fortunately, Mr. Tolly’s clients are nothing like flies at all, apart from the natural instinct in all humans and animals to be drawn to sweet and happy things.

About Our Revolution

The Kindness Revolution itself was founded in Memphis, Tennessee. The primary principle was simple, raise the standard of customer service by simply being kind and recognizing kindness in others. A revolutionary concept, especially in today’s world! What started as a self-help business book followed by simple school assemblies and small professional lectures, has turned into a movement of brightness and enthusiasm for our fellow humans across the United States of America.

Mr. Tolly has said it perfectly when he said, “‘the reason I support The Kindness Revolution is because there’s nothing wrong with being kind.’” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! If you’re interested in joining our revolution and spreading kindness through positive acts, please contact us to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you and helping your community.