Congratulations…you found us! By virtue of the fact that are reading this, you are showing that you belong to the growing number of people around the world who are interested in promoting the virtues of dignity, respect, courtesy, and kindness in their communities. Now is the time to begin a revolution of kindness, and that revolution begins with you!

You are invited to participate by joining members all over the world. We want to show the power of empathy, listening, and thinking before we act. There is a special connection waiting to be made with others who are waiting to receive your gift of kindness. Members of The Kindness Revolution are not only talking about their cause, but they are sharing the beliefs through these actions.

Here’s what you get as a Member of The Kindness Revolution:

  • Discounts to our new Kindness Store, which will provide access to various Kindness Products for your classroom, office, Sunday School class, or home.
  • Our regular Spirit of Kindness newsletter, containing ideas and stories of your colleagues as they promote kindness around the world.
  • Invitations to participate or lead our Walks for Kindness for your family or organization.