If the idea of generating quality business and long term relationships by promoting kind behavior in your community appeals to you, we would like to partner with your business!

We invite one exclusive partner in a given community.

We provide:

  • Exclusive use of the Kindness Revolution™ brand during your campaign
  • Positive social media content for your community awareness
  • Our popular Kindness Bracelets for your customers, prospects, and schools, available exclusively through you
  • Regular campaign reviews with a TKR Campaign Coordinator
  • “Kindness Moments” Public Service Announcements for your local radio stations
  • Affordable and flexible campaign links with no contract or commitment

Businesses and their communities are inextricably linked. When one is doing well, the other thrives, and vice versa. Understanding this link is the key to making sure both are constantly growing. People thrive in dynamics where respect, dignity, and kindness are involved. That is what The Kindness Revolution wants to bring to businesses and communities all across the nation. And we are already making lots of headway as one of the nation’s longest running initiatives focused on kindness.

Partnership is Affordable, Exclusive and No Contract Is Required!

What we do is get out the word about how kindness and respect in the workplace spreads and multiplies. Our founder alone has spoken in front of over 2,500 audiences across the country. We are purely privately funded, with no reliance on charity or government funds. Our Kindness Tips reach well over 100,000 people daily on social media posts, and our Facebook campaigns are seen by over a million consumers! We hand out thousands of wristbands (“Pay It Forward”, “It’s Cool 2B Kind”) every week in recognition of kind acts across the entire country.

Our focus for spreading kindness is awareness. We believe by telling our story, and hosting participation fueled mini-events, we can engage businesses all over to be kinder, and thereby help make their communities a better place. We work heavily with students, hosting street rallies across the country to instill a sense of business ethics in our youth starting at a young age. Kindness mixers are also used to further integrate kindness into the community.

We are currently active in over 350 cities with leading companies. To schedule a brief conversation regarding your invitation, complete the form below today!

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