A Message from our Founder/CEO


If you are reading this letter it is because you have received an invitation for your agency to become a member of The Kindness Revolution™. As such I thought I would take a moment of your time to answer a few questions that you probably have.  

First of all, your agency has been invited either as a result of vetting by our membership committee or recommendation by one of our existing members.  We do not recruit, sell or promote memberships; the success of our members, called Community Champions, in many of our active cities has created a “benchmark” by which we can identify the attributes of members whom are most likely to be pleased and successful with a membership in The Kindness Revolution.  Based on that criteria, your agency appears to reflect those desired attributes.

Our initiative is aimed at promoting our kindness cause led by your agency brand.  In this regard, we are effective in reaching local consumers in your community with a cause that is extremely popular AND making your office our local “go to” headquarters for schools, youth groups, non-profits, small businesses, churches, and other organizations who want to introduce kindness programs to their members and employees.