About Us



Based on the principles of the best-selling book of the same name, The Kindness Revolution™ was founded by consumer advocate Ed Horrell in 2007 and subsequently has impacted hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals through its endeavors.

The Kindness Revolution™ is a national not for profit organization, based in Tennessee, that is 100% funded by a business membership called Community Champions. Our mission is to bring back the sorely needed values of dignity, respect and kindness to the workplace, schools and everyday life. It’s our starting point in shaping kind behavior.



  • We are one of the longest running national initiatives focused purely on kindness.
  • We are funded exclusively by the private sector, with no dependence on government or charitable funding.
  • We give out thousands of “Pay It Forward” and “It’s Cool 2B Kind” wristbands weekly in recognition of kindness across the country.
  • We reach over 100,000 people with Kindness Tips on social media weekly.
  • Our monthly Facebook campaigns are seen by over 1,000,000 consumers.
  • We recognize dozens of students for exemplary behavior every week.
  • We present “Spirit of Kindness” Awards to deserving employees, volunteers and organizations nationally.
  • We honor teachers for their unsung efforts and values in schools all over the US.


What exactly is The Kindness Revolution™?

The Kindness Revolution™ is a non-profit (501c6) business membership organization with the mission of raising the awareness of values, such as kindness, in leadership, customer service, schools and communities. We are funded entirely by our members (Community Champions).

How is that done?

Since our focus is on awareness, we are active in telling “our story” where people gather. We actively lead what we call “mini-events,” which include participation at charitable events, golf outings, festivals, athletic events, school functions, and other creative opportunities to engage with consumers regarding initiatives to promote values-based leadership.

Can you give me some examples?

Sure! We give out our popular “Pay It Forward” The Kindness Revolution™ wristbands all over our communities, encouraging adults and children to recognize and promote kindness.

We collaborate with high school students with what we call “Student Street Rallies,” where we engage drivers with signs to “Honk if you love kindness!”

We share our “Kindness Tips” with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, promoting respectful and courteous behavior.

We work with elementary schools with our popular “It’s Cool 2 B Kind” program to support character behavior as well as high schools with our “Art of Kindness” program to sponsor posters and theme contests on topics including Kindness, Sportsmanship, Cancer Awareness, Drug Prevention, and Don’t Text and Drive.

With our “Spirit of Kindness” awards, we recognize local unsung employees and organizations for their kindness.

Through the use of our “Kindness Mixers” our Friends and Community Champions regularly network with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Additionally, our speakers, especially our Founder, are active in addressing corporations and conferences regarding values-based leadership and service. Our value added service is great for business men and women who want help running an ethical business.

You mention Community Champions…who are they?

Our Community Champions are leading businesses who support and fund The Kindness Revolution™. It is through their effort that The Kindness Revolution™ exists!

Why would a company want to be associated with The Kindness Revolution™?

  • Their Support Helps with Our Student and Community Awareness Initiatives
  • We Provide Promotion to the Public as a Company Committed to Values in their Leadership and Service
  • We Provide Tools to Assist in Employee Recognition
  • We Provide Tools to Support their Commitment to Values

Who are “Friends of The Kindness Revolution™?”

“Friends” are individual consumers who are like-minded in their desire for more civility in their communities. These are individuals who join us to support our cause, attend our events and receive updates from our Community Champions.