Kindness Revolution Radio


Here is a way to bring some good news to radio audiences that are overwhelmed with the steady stream of tragic news coverage by today’s media.

Kindness Revolution Radio™ is a weekly public service announcement offering tips on how your audience can promote kindness at work, school, in business, and in everyday situations. These Kindness Moments promote community harmony and serve as thoughtful suggestions on how courtesy to one another can make our neighborhoods a better place to live.

The Kindness Revolution™ produces a fresh public service announcement for your station to air each week. There are two versions to choose from, either a :30 second or :60 second public service announcement. Use them as a feel good moment in unsold station inventory or create your own station branded Kindness Moments.

Listen to an online sample.

Based on the principles of the best-selling book of the same name, The Kindness Revolution™ was founded by Ed Horrell in 2007 and subsequently has impacted thousands of individuals through its endeavors. It offers business support on the radio in the form of kindness tips to spread to consumers. We incorporate courtesy in our small business advice so that it spreads into our communities.

The Kindness Revolution™ is a national not for profit organization, based in Tennessee. Its mission is to bring back the sorely needed values of dignity, respect and kindness to the workplace, schools and everyday life.

To order these Kindness Moments public service announcements for your radio station, contact or call us at 480-993-3150.

For stations that opt to locally brand these announcements, we are pleased to offer custom voiced production elements.

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We hope you will enjoy seeing some examples of what our Community Champions are doing in cities all over the country. These are some of our favorite examples of spreading kindness and we call them our “Wall of Fame!” We also hope you will continue to follow us as we bring civility to YOUR community! Each of these events is made possible by the support of our Community Champions and their Ambassadors.